Experience from Bahaadharu boat

Well we all must have heard about Bahaadharu being the first boat with 3 engines. Before sharing my experience with Bahaadharu i would like to share some about bahaadharu.

Before Bahaadharu started its scheduled trips kulhudhuffushi online reported that the bahaadharu will reach maximum speed of 15 miles per hour and all the passenger cabins will be fitted with air conditioners. quoted to Mohamed Zahir the owner of Mithuru Company. And with this good news came a bad news, Tickets which costed 320 will increase by 105 to make a total of 425 per fare.

Then on 12th of December 2015 i had to take Bahaadharu since there was no other choice. Being welcomed by a note “Free WIFI” made good. And fare was 320, what a surprise. any ways it is okay for me, well literally saved 105 rufiyya. The reason for bring down fare price was bahaadharu not being able make 15 miles per hour. when clocked ticked 5pm the boat started its journey with its 3 engines at 1500 rmp.

Expecting more than 12 hours thought of checking facebook for with the provided free wifi, network could’t provide me a IP address. left it without giving it a another try and enjoyed sight seeing until sunset.

Dinner was good, rice and chicken curry was served with cabbage and carrot salad. temperature in cabin was perfect, i am not sure about how much people who were directly the air conditioners suffered. after a good sleep a wake up around 4 in morning. and looked both sides and saw all asleep. let me check the free wifi now, success connected successfully but no internet access was there. dhen i tried to load 0.facebook.com it worked, okay then i realized that the bahaaadharu boat is providing free wifi to use free services.

We reached to Kulhudhuffushi around 5 45 in morning, after traveling for almost 13 hours.

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